KoreAm is a monthly magazine dedicated to news, commentary, politics, lifestyle and culture published in the United States. It is the oldest and most widely circulated English-language monthly magazine for the Asian American community. The magazine has featured prominent Asian American leaders, politicians, artists, entertainers, athletes and entrepreneurs. It also covers current events related to North Korea, South Korea, Asian Americans, immigrants and communities of color.


KoreAm was founded by Jung Shig Ryu and James Ryu in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. The magazine highlights news, stories, op ed pieces and entertainment for the Kyopo community - aka ethnic Koreans living overseas - primarily Koreans in the United States. The magazine highlights Korean American perspectives on matters related to Korea, including North Korea's nuclear program, reunification, the six-party talks, the deaths of South Korean presidents, the globalization of South Korean pop culture, and peninsular tensions and conflicts. The magazine also addresses biracial and adoptee communities. Today KoreAm is the most widely circulated, longest-running, independent English-language publication serving the Korean American community. Two years after KoreAm's founding, the magazine became a major forum for the Korean community relating to the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The riots caused violence, arson, looting and lawlessness. Korean-run businesses were targeted during what has been dubbed this nation's first "multiethnic riot." KoreAm features prominent Korean Americans on its cover. These stories include Margaret Cho, John Cho, Daniel Dae Kim, Jane Kim, and Michele Rhee. Stories have also included a profile on Pinkberry founder Shelly Hwang, a ground level feature on the Virginia Tech massacre, as well as packages on health care reform, education reform, gays in the military, and Korean Americans affected by Hurricane Katrina. The magazine's official website was launched in 2009.

Megan Lee Cover

Megan Lee was on the front cover of the journal of September 2010. She was featured with fellow YouTube stars Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, Just Kidding Films, Clara Chung.

KoreAm Megan Lee Cover