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File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha JungFile:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-0File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-1
File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-1431885797File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-1431885798File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-2
File:(Adele) Someone Like You - Megan Lee with Sungha Jung-3File:51819-279713-500x769.jpegFile:8dayz Megan Lee1.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee10.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee100.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee11.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee12.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee13.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee14.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee15.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee16.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee17.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee18.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee19.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee2.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee20.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee21.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee22.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee23.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee24.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee25.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee26.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee27.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee28.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee29.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee3.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee30.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee31.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee32.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee33.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee34.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee35.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee36.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee37.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee38.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee39.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee4.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee40.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee41.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee42.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee43.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee44.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee45.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee46.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee47.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee48.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee49.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee5.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee50.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee51.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee52.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee53.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee54.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee55.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee56.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee57.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee58.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee59.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee6.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee60.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee61.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee62.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee63.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee64.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee65.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee66.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee67.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee68.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee69.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee7.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee71.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee73.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee74.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee75.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee76.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee77.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee78.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee79.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee8.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee80.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee81.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee82.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee83.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee84.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee85.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee86.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee87.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee88.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee89.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee9.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee90.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee91.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee92.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee93.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee94.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee95.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee96.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee97.pngFile:8dayz Megan Lee98.png
File:8dayz Megan Lee99.pngFile:8dayzbyMeganLee.jpgFile:AboutMegan.png
File:Acoustic Eyes Nose Lips 눈코입 - Megan LeeFile:ArdenCho.jpegFile:Article bnr insidemegan.jpg
File:Beauty and the Beast.jpgFile:Beauty and the Beast Duet originally by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson COVERFile:Born This Way - Lady Gaga Cover By Megan Lee
File:Bruno Mars - Count On Me (Megan Lee and Gerald Ko)File:Bruno Mars - Marry You (Cover) Megan Lee & Jason ChenFile:CommunityBlogs.png
File:Connect.pngFile:Cover See You Again Acoustic Ver. Megan LeeFile:Cover See You Again Acoustic Ver. Megan Lee-0
File:Cover Somebody to love - Justin Bieber by Megan Lee & Jason ChenFile:DYK.pngFile:DaleWhibley.jpeg
File:Download (3).jpgFile:Erika Tham.jpgFile:Erika Tham1.jpg
File:Erika Tham2.jpgFile:Erika Tham3.jpgFile:Erika Tham4.jpg
File:Erika Tham5.jpgFile:Erika Tham6.jpgFile:Erika Tham7.jpg
File:Forget You - Glee Cover by Megan Lee & Arden ChoFile:Game New Nintendo 3DS XL Unboxing with Megan LeeFile:Home - WestLife Michael Buble Blake Shelton Cover by Megan Lee
File:I Will Be - Christina Aguilera Cover by Megan Lee BamaJamFile:Image.jpgFile:Introducing Me-Nick Jonas Covered by Megan Lee
File:Jason Chen.jpgFile:Jason Chen1.jpgFile:Jason Chen10.jpg
File:Jason Chen11.jpgFile:Jason Chen12.jpegFile:Jason Chen13.jpg
File:Jason Chen14.jpgFile:Jason Chen15.jpgFile:Jason Chen16.jpg
File:Jason Chen17.jpgFile:Jason Chen18.jpgFile:Jason Chen19.jpg
File:Jason Chen2.jpgFile:Jason Chen20.jpgFile:Jason Chen3.jpg
File:Jason Chen4.jpgFile:Jason Chen5.jpgFile:Jason Chen6.jpg
File:Jason Chen7.jpgFile:Jason Chen8.jpgFile:Jason Chen9.jpg
File:Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars Acoustic Cover Megan LeeFile:Justin Bieber - Pray cover by Megan LeeFile:Justin Bieber - Pray cover by Megan Lee-0
File:Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Cover by Megan LeeFile:KoreAm Megan Lee Cover.jpgFile:Lil Wayne - How to Love Cover by Megan Lee ft. Shin-B
File:LourizaTronco.jpgFile:Louriza Tronco.jpgFile:Louriza Tronco1.jpeg
File:Louriza Tronco2.jpgFile:Louriza Tronco3.jpgFile:Louriza Tronco4.jpg
File:Louriza Tronco5.jpgFile:Louriza Tronco6.jpgFile:MV Megan Lee 메건리 - 8dayz ENG ver.
File:Make It Pop Now I Am Here Official Video NickelodeonFile:Make It Pop Season 2 ANNOUNCEMENTFile:MegVlog Make It Pop Adventures in Toronto Part 1
File:MegVlog Make It Pop Adventures in Toronto Part 2File:Megan's All Shook Up Audition.jpgFile:MeganLeeNewsfeed.png
File:Megan Lee.pngFile:Megan Lee1.jpgFile:Megan Lee11.jpg
File:Megan Lee12.jpgFile:Megan Lee13.jpgFile:Megan Lee14.jpg
File:Megan Lee15.jpgFile:Megan Lee16.jpgFile:Megan Lee17.jpg
File:Megan Lee18.jpgFile:Megan Lee19.jpgFile:Megan Lee2.jpg
File:Megan Lee20.pngFile:Megan Lee21.jpgFile:Megan Lee22.png
File:Megan Lee23.jpgFile:Megan Lee24.jpgFile:Megan Lee25.jpg
File:Megan Lee26.jpgFile:Megan Lee27.jpgFile:Megan Lee29.jpg
File:Megan Lee3.jpgFile:Megan Lee30.jpgFile:Megan Lee31.jpg
File:Megan Lee32.pngFile:Megan Lee4.jpgFile:Megan Lee5.jpg
File:Megan Lee6.jpgFile:Megan Lee7.jpgFile:Megan Lee8.jpg
File:Megan Lee9.jpgFile:Megan Singing.pngFile:Official Promo Make It Pop Coming this April on Nickelodeon
File:OtherWikis.pngFile:Party Tonight Make It Pop Nickelodeon (Kpop inspired?)File:Perfect - Pink covered by Megan Lee
File:Promo Make It Pop Final Week on Nickelodeon!!!File:Someone Like You - Adele Cover Live by Megan LeeFile:Stop.png
File:Sun Hi Song.jpgFile:Warning.pngFile:WeeklyPoll.png
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