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Megan Lee (born September 18, 1995) (Hangul: 이혜린; RR: Lee Hye-rin) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress most known for her singing talents on YouTube. From February 2013, Megan Lee was signed to Kim Tae-woo's (former lead singer of g.o.d) label, Soul Shop Entertainment up until November 2014. Megan Lee is currently a member of XO-IQ, featured in the Nickelodeon series Make It Pop.

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MV Megan Lee 메건리 - 8dayz ENG ver

MV Megan Lee 메건리 - 8dayz ENG ver.

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  • Megan officially began her professional career in acting, dancing, and singing at the age of 10.
  • Appeared in McDonald's, Verizon, and Nintendo (the Nintendo DS), Bratz, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, and Trix commercials.
  • Appeared in 3 Minute Game Show, Crash, Get Connected, iCarly, Kids' Choice Awards, and Kidz Bop.
  • Appeared in South Korea's popular show, MBC Star Audition - The Great Birth (위대한 탄생) Season 1-2 on one of South Korea's MBC.

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"8dayz" is the first single off of Megan Lee. It is produced by Soul Shop Entertainment.

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