Time Seemed To Have Stopped is a song performed by 시간이 멈춘것 같아 and featuring Megan Lee.



시간이 멈춘 것 같아
모든게 멈춘 것 같아

얼마나 무거운 짐인지
(내려놓을 수도 없는걸)
기억속에 흐린 물감이 번져
내 안으로 더욱 스며들어 점점
방안 가득한 연기처럼
하늘을 뒤덮은 먹구름처럼
아픔은 내게 쓰라린 고통의
연속의 날들을 맛보게 해
시간이 흘러갈수록
계절이 변해 갈수록
미안함만 더 매꿔질뿐
비겁한 나만 탓하게 될뿐
뿌옇게 흐려진 네 모습
이 컴컴한 어둠을 끝내고
멀리 보이는 너의 모습에
Goodbye 인사를 건네

힘들다 그만하고 싶다
너의 기억에서 난 도망치고 싶다
힘들다 벗어나고 싶다
너의 모든 추억 다 털어내고 싶다

기쁨의 순간은 너무도 잠시
아픔의 상처는 너무나 깊이
누군가가 얘기하겠지
그래 사랑의 슬픔은 누구나 깊지
서랍 속 사진들을 정리해
너와 주고받은 편지들도 버릴게
네가 내게 남긴 마지막 문자메시지
(그래 전부다 지울게)
너의 말투와 행동
내가 좋아하던 너의 그 미소
아련한 너의 향기와
잠든 니 얼굴에 작별 키스를 해

바람도 멈추고
저 빛도 멈추고
초침도 멈추고
기억속에 멈추고


If you`d never let me go
I would still be your only one
Thought that we would have last forever
Is this really the last time
That we would finally say goodbye?
I can`t believe that you`re not gonna be mine

How heavy can this burden be?
I cannot even put it down
Inside my obscured, blurred memories
You're ever slowly, gradually coming inside
Like a plan brought to its fruition
Like dark clouds casting over the heavens)
My pain is like a burning agony
I feel this continually everyday
As time is slipping away
As seasons keep changing with time
Only feelings of regret keep binding me
The cowardly me is left to blame
The cloudy, faded image of you
Ends this blackened darkness
As I see your face from far away
I say goodbye to you

It's so hard I don't wanna do it anymore
I wanna run away from all my memories of you
It's so hard I wanna let it go
I wanna strip myself from all my memories of you

All the precious moments were so short
While all the pains run so deep
Someone will surely talk to me
Surely everyone deeply feels sadness in love
As I clean all the pictures of you in my drawer
I'll throw away all the letters I sent and received from you
Even the last text message you sent me
Yea, I'll erase everything
The way you talk and your actions
Even your beautiful smiles I deeply loved
Even the faint scent of your perfume
I kiss them all farewell to your sleeping face

Yes we've finally let it go
I cannot be your only one
Thought that we would have last forever
Even though it`s the last time
Until the end I will not lie
I`ll keep what we had for the rest of my life

As the wind stops blowing
As the lights stop glowing
As the time stops flowing
As the memories fade away

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